Cinematic Concepts is a multimedia production house that has been dedicated to creating awesome photography, stunning corporate AVPs, exciting television shows, insightful documentaries and dramatic wedding videos for the past 10 years.

While maintaining the studio’s unparalleled Broncolor lighting system, renovations and additions were made to cater to today’s professional photography and video needs. Ready for portrait, model, pre-nuptial, wedding, boudoir, product, food, jewelry photography and all kinds of set designed or chroma video shoots, the Cinematic Studio finally opened its doors to the fashion, publishing, wedding, commercial and advertising industry.


A member of the iVenture Holdings International Group, Cinematic Studio Vietnam, based in Ho Chi Minh City, is a partner of Cinematic Studio Philippines (Manila) and Cinematic Studio Malaysia (Borneo). Co-founded in February 2013 by Charles Go, Iggy Bilbao Rommel Diaz and Tranh Cao, Cinematic Studio Vietnam is a production house offering expertise in multimedia production, concept design, and event management, with focus in professional photography, cinematography, and audiovisuals.


Fandom, Inc. was established in January 2005 as a venue to gather the creative minds of the Philippine science fiction and fantasy community - the New Worlds Alliance. Fandom, over the years, has become the Internet and Mobile Gaming and Application Solutions arm of the Hong Kong based iVenture International Group of Companies involved in Enterprise Solutions Development, Systems Integration, Telecommunications and Networking, Consulting, Business Process Outsourcing, Mobile Application and Gaming Solutions Development, Food and Beverage, and Fashion and Garments Manufacturing. Fandom’s strength lies mainly on its people that are composed of game aficionados, creative artists, and avid developers, while backed by a management team that each has more than 15 years of vast IT industry knowledge and experience.

Fandom believes that with its niche focus on Mobile and Internet gaming and software applications enables it to be your non-typical IT company that can deliver unique and out of the box solutions for business, entertainment, and marketing needs. Fandom invests significant amount of resources and time on research and development to produce quality, top-notch products and services that cater to our client-partners and general audiences.


Game Development Institute (under iVenture Holdings Inc. group of companies) aims to educate anyone interested in getting into the gaming industry through a concise curriculum. Participants are taught how to utilize readily available tools used specifically for mobile application development. GDI instructors are not only tenured games development professionals, but are also passionate about the games they create-this combination will ensure quality training to give our students the necessary skill sets to create their own mobile games.

Offered courses: 3D/2D Art and Animation, 3D Digital Sculpting, Unity Programming, Corona Programming, game Documentation and Game Project Management.


Bistro Alfonso introduces a perfect spot for dining. A casual dining restaurant that serves top quality food created by an internationally trained chef that showcases culinary excellence. It sits at the heart of Salcedo Village Makati and caters to residents and professionals alike. It is a hip venue for guests who seek value for money without forsaking good food and exceptional service. It’s a standout from the other restaurants in the area because the menu provides a fresh new take on Asian and Western Cuisine.

From appetizers to dessert, an encounter with the sumptuous cuisine will surely arouse your palate. A fine selection of mouth-watering starters is sure to stimulate your appetite. Some of the choices are Baked Nachos, Salt and Pepper Calamari, Pomme Frites and our classic Buffalo Pops. Even after such splendid starters, the main course of meats and seafood served with the most innovative presentations are hard to resist.

RUMAROCKET is a talent acquisition platform developed and launched by a group of college students and young entrepreneurs. The team envisioned a platform that would bridge the existing education gap between companies and universities through talent matching and placement. This platform also serves as an avenue for students to interact with innovative and exciting companies, providing them with opportunities for internships and part-time work. The basic premise of the Rumarocket project is to provide students with the opportunity to grow and explore their strengths and weaknesses, while at the same time exposing them to real-world challenges.

This is the vision that the Rumarocket team seeks to realize, in developing a more practical approach for students to meet the ever changing needs of today’s workplace.