Industry Focus

iServeis one of the few companies that have shaped its organization around our clients’ industries.  This market-based structure provides dedicated resources for each line of businesses and allows our client service professionals to focus on industry-specific issues.  This enterprise-level knowledge and experience bring clarity and results. iServe consultants and engineers deliver services to clients in five industries:

§  Public Sector

§  Consumerand Manufacturing Markets

§  TelecommunicationsIndustry

§  BusinessProcess Outsourcing Industry

§  Food and Beverage Sector

iServe uses its unique, homegrown, Adaptive Business Solutions Methodology (AdaBuS) to provide superior product and service qualities to even the most demanding industries. The AdaBuS methodology focuses on a four-channel solutions principle in providing effective, cost-efficient solutions that provide not only fast Return on Investments (ROI) but more importantly, a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The AdaBuS four-channel solutionsprinciple caters specifically to the four industries that we serve.

AdaBuS Four-channel SolutionsPrinciple

Effective Solution

The Effective Solution Principle basically states that the solution(s) provided to the client should actually work according to the goals and objectives wherein set forth. The solution(s)should be able to address the concerns and issues of the client and provide real help to their business process problems.

Cost-efficient Program

Technology based solutions usually require substantial amount of capital investments that are high risked in nature even to large multinational companies. iServe will always pursue putting in place the most cost-efficient program for the client to ensure that benefits will always outweigh the cost. iServe will seek to mitigate all risk factors through our out of the box yet methodological approach to any technology intensive program solution.

Configurable-Adaptable Solution

A lot of technology based solutions become obsolete within a couple of years’ time. Our solution differs in a way that we make it possible for the system to be configurable and thus adaptable through most of the changing business times.

Six SigmaApproach

Six Sigma is an established, data-driven methodology that uses a five step DMAIC process approach designed to prevent and predict defects or problems in program,process or solution designs. iServe adheres to this methodology that allows for greater time and cost reduction in design, development, and implementation of any project.

Service Focus

The iServe Consulting and Engineering Practice is designed to provide clients with industry experienced ICT professionals and implementation teams with both business and technical expertise across major industries.  Our competencies cover the full spectrum of floor operations to financial,marketing, and management areas of the business. 

By connecting our professionals with our broad range of services, iServe is able to focus and address solutions to business problems throughout an organization. 

Scope of Services:

·        ICT Consulting, Engineering, and Solutions Delivery

We provide ICT solutions services through five industry groups in which we have significant industry-specific knowledge. These groups are public services,consumer and manufacturing, telecommunications, business process outsourcing,and financial services markets. Our focus on specific industries provides uswith the ability to tailor our service offerings to reflect an understanding ofthe marketplaces in which our clients operate and enables our clients toachieve their objectives more quickly and efficiently. Some of the servicesthat we offer here include:

§  IT Systems Strategy Planning

§  Information Technology Due Diligence

§  Business Applications Development and Implementation

§  Network and EnterpriseSystems Integration

§  Telecommunications Equipment Survey, Installation, and Commissioning

§  BusinessContinuity Planning

§  Disaster Recovery Planning

§  Hardware and Software Selection

§  IT Data center Implementation

·        Managed Services

iServe’s managed services solutions offer outsourcing solutions for both Business Processes and Business Applications Hardware and Software. Our managed services solutions can help clients plan, provision, and operate services such as access, applications, hosting, and transport across their supporting infrastructure of networks, servers, storage, desktops, and the Internet. Some of the services we offer here are:

§  Call Center Operations Management

§  BPO Operations Management

§  Web Hostingand Management

§  On-site/Off-site Maintenance and Support

§  Video Editing

§  Computer Graphics/Animation

§  Back OfficeProcess Management

o  Medical Transcription

o  Legal/Business/EntertainmentTranscription

o  Medical Coding and Billing

o  Data Encoding

o  Medical Claims Processing